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What is a Rental Housing Co-operative?

A Rental Housing Co-operative is a Community Housing organisation that manages rental housing.

Each tenant of the Co-operative is also a member/shareholder of the Co-operative and is responsible for the management of the housing in accordance with the guidelines of funding. There is a Committee of Management appointed annually to carry out this role on behalf of the rest of the members with the guidance of the Coordinator and the Community Development Worker.

The Committee of Management's role is to oversee the finance, administration, tenant selection, rental collection, property maintenance, worker selection and the policy development of the Co-operative. This Committee is made up of elected members of the Co-operative.

The Committee of Management is supported by three Sub-Committees.

  • The Asset Management and Development (formerly the Tenancy and Maintenance) Sub-Committee oversees the maintenance and management of properties and the growth and development of the Co-operative's property portfolio.
  • The Performance Review and Regulation Sub-Committee works to ensure that NGRHC meets the expected level of a housing agency, and conforms with its regulatory requirements.
  • The Tenant Induction Sub-Committee evaluates and offers training to people on the waiting list for NGRHC housing.


Supporting Co-operative documents

Northern Geelong Rental Housing Co-operative has developed a range of plans, manuals and documents which outline the Co-operative's vision for the future, and which determine and outline the procedures required. These include:


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