Advantages to Co-op Members

Members have the opportunity to be appointed to the Committee of Management
where they can input their ideas regarding the operational functions and responsibilities of the Co-op.

  • Co-op housing is long-term, good quality, affordable housing that is well maintained.
  • Rents are calculated as a percentage of the household income. Each property has a maximum rent (full cost rent) payable.
  • Support from the staff & friendship from other members.
  • Referral & access to other community organisations and resource networks.
  • Most members are entitled to claim Centrelink Rent Assistance, making the rent even more affordable.
  • NGRHC has a Tenancy Inheritance Policy in which residing children over 16 may be entitled to remain in the Co-op property if their parent(s) die or leave the property.
  • Opportunity to participate in social and community development activities. NGRHC regularly holds free events for members and their families. Recent events include trips to Luna Park, Kryal Castle, Victoria Market, and access to weekly yoga lessons.

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