You must meet some of the following criteria to be eligible for housing with the Northern Geelong Rental Housing Co-operative:

  • Be in receipt of a Centrelink allowance or pension or have a low household income; if you work and have dependent children there are gross income limits that vary depending on how many children you have.
  • Meet household asset eligibility limits (currently set at $30,000).
  • Must not own or have any interest in any property (house, unit or flat) that can be realised.
  • Complete a Tenant Selection Induction course
  • Be on a waiting list for public housing (with a Office of Housing application number)

Rent is approximately 25% of household income.

Application Process

To apply for Co-operative housing, please contact the Co-operative office on 03 5277 9993 and provide your name and contact details. Should you be deemed eligible, you will then be invited to the next Co-operative Information and Tenant Induction sessions (where an application form will be provided). The next session will be held on Wednesday 22nd September 2010. Attendance of the Information Sessions and completion of the Application Form will then secure your position within the Co-operative waiting list.

All Co-operative applicants are also encouraged to apply for housing through the Office of Housing, and to register on the Office of Housing Waiting List. Further information on this application process is available at  www.housing.vic.gov.au/applying-for-housing

Note: Potential members should note that there is currently an extensive waiting list and significant waiting period for housing with Northern Geelong Rental Housing Co-operative.

For further details regarding Co-operative housing, please contact the Co-operative at info@ngrhc.org.au


Further Information

To read our General Information pamphlet click here. For further information please email info@ngrhc.org.au or contact the Co-operative on (03) 5277 9993.

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